Distant Learning


From your school director

Dear Current Cloud Nine Students,

We are starting distance learning program for you.  This is our first time facing something like this pandemic disease.  We thought it would clear up and but things do not look that way and we must continue with our journey.  In the attempt to get your clock hours, services needed to be done and theory book materials, I have decided the following:

1/  Theory:  I’m in the process of getting all the exams uploaded and graded electronically.  When you took it.  The computer will keep your records and I can see who takes them.  Each exam is a one sit down exam.  You cannot save it to finish it later.  You may choose to write down your answers on a paper and continue by pulling up the website again.  Once you got all your answers you can then select the correct choices and send in your answers.  If you fail you may take it again until pass.  Each exam will be credited the hours I estimate you would had spent. The exams are listed below, if they are not Blue and you cannot click on it.  That means I’m still working to get it up, this process takes time.

EXAM1= Cover chapters 1,2,3,4 (6 Clock Hours)  
EXAM2= Chapters 25,26,27,28,29 (7 Clock Hours)
EXAM3= Chapters 5,6,7,8,9,10 (8 Clock Hours)
EXAM 4= Chapters 11,12,13,30,31,32 (8 Clock Hours)
Exam 5= Chapters 22,23,24 (6 Clock Hours)
Exam 6= Chapters 14,15,16,17 (8 Clock Hours)  
Exam 7 = Chapters 18,19,20,21 (8 Clock Hours)  
Exam 8 = Cumulative Final EXAM of all chapters of the book (3  Clock Hours)  

Exam HIV/AIDS – 4 Hours.  You need this if you have not done so.  Do not pay, Once you pass you can close screen.  This exam is included in your tuition.  The payments are for individuals not attending Cloud Nine.  
Nail Students are required to take EXAMS 1,2,3  

Full Specialist are required to take EXAMS 1,2,3,4  

Cosmetologist are required to take ALL exams    
*** ALL Students need to take HIV/AIDS EXAM

2/Practices and Services:  I have instructed Mrs. Amanda to give you materials to take home.  The materials given to you is for you to practice only.  If you have volunteers that you can do nails on remember;  you cannot charge them and we are not responsible if anything were to happen to them because it is outside from school.  Therefore I encourage you to practice on tips or fake mannequins ONLY.  Whatever is taken away from school beside the one time used materials are : needed to be return, otherwise fees will be added to your tuition payment and you will not graduate unless paid in full.  Materials are limited;  we only have a few nail drills.  If we do not have enough and I have to order more, you’ll have to wait until it comes in.  Mrs. Amanda was instructed to only give you only 1 week of supplies, you will have to come back the following week to get more.  I do not want you to be wasteful nor take advantages of the materials.  How do you determine what to check out to take home?  First Look at your requirement sheet.  If you need a lot of polishes for example, ask for some tips and some nail colors so you can practice paint job.  If you need acrylic fullset or fill; check out materials to do that.  Take pictures of everything you do for credits.  Save them in your phone, when I meet with you after the coronavirus isolation is lifted I will credit the accordingly.  Moreover, I need you to keep a notepad/sheet of time you spent practicing. With note of exactly what you did in that time frame.  Tally the hours up before we meet and I will credit the hours as if you attended school clock hours.  Bring your own containers if you like.  Mrs. Amanda Will meet with you Thursday from 9-1pm at the school.  Please make arrangement to come and pick up packages.   Mrs. Amanda’s phone number is (863) 209-4244.  My Cellphone number is 727-512-9335.  Mrs. Beverly’s Number is (863) 781-3968.  Know that we are here for you, You may text or call me if you have any questions. 

Tommy Nguyen