Exam 6

  1. A good designer always envisions the end results before the ________.
    • cut
    • hairstyle
    • style
    • beginning
  2. Horizontal lines create___ in hair design.
    • width
    • angles
    • eye illusions
    • length
  3. Line defines form and space.
    • True
    • False
  4. Parallel lines are repeating lines in a hairstyle. They can be ____or______.
    • wide or narrow
    • colored or bleached
    • straight or curved
    • thin or thick
  5. Design texture refers to ___
    • lines
    • space
    • wave pattern
    • all of the choices
  6. Form is the general outline of the hair.__
    • True
    • False
  7. Design texture can be created temporarily with___and ____.
    • direction and rods
    • heat or wet styling
    • curved and contrasting lines
    • patterns and styles
  8. 8. A design element that plays an important role in hair design is_______
    • haircolor
    • todays fashion
    • chemicals
    • warmth
  9. 9. Proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis, and harmony are_____.
    • the basis of hair design
    • principles in art and design
    • all of the choices
    • important in creating styles pleasing to the eye
  10. 10. All hair has natural wave patterns that that must be taken into consideration when designing a style.___
    • True
    • False
  11. These are basic facial shapes : square, round, oval, oblong, triangle (pear shaped), diamond, egg, heart shaped, diamond
    • True
    • False
  12. 12. The outline of the face, head, or figure as seen in a side view is the___ ___.
    • wave
    • rhythm
    • Diamond
    • profile
  13. 13. Design principles are different for men than women _____.
    • correct
    • depending on age
    • false
    • depending if they wear glasses
  14. Two basic requirements for a healthy scalp are _____ and stimulation.
    • treatment
    • respect
    • style
    • cleanliness
  15. 15. When there is a deficiency of natural oil on the scalp and hair, ___.
    • use smaller partings
    • scalp treatment should be used
    • brush the hair
    • use smaller rollers
  16. Select a shampoo according to the
    • price
    • what the customer thinks is good for her
    • condition of the client’s hair
    • line the salon carries
  17. What does pH have to do with shampoo__________________________________________________________
    • fragrance
    • basicity
    • acidity
    • oily
  18. Rainwater is _____ water
    • Dirty
    • hard
    • Soft
    • Deionized water
  19. Deionized water is a main ingredient in shampoo.
    • True
    • False
  20. A surfactant molecule has two ends ______and________.
    • all of the choices
    • Push and pull
    • Head and tail
    • Lipophilic and hydrophilic
  21. Haircutting is Basic________
    • because it makes styling easier
    • skill upon which all other design is built
    • as it builds a strong professional relationship
    • all of the choices
  22. Reference points on the head are points where _______________.
    • you change cutting techniques
    • the surface of the head changes
    • you make clients happy
    • you find balances
  23. A guideline________
    • the first section cut when creating a shape
    • can be stationary or traveling
    • determines the length the hair will be cut
    • all of the choices
  24. A hair cut always begins with
    • Some small talk
    • A great consultation
    • A picture
    • A shampoo girl’s good work
  25. Hair Analysis includes
    • imagination, insight, fashion, and form
    • growth patterns, texture, density, and elasticity
    • fatter hair, skinnier hair, direction and form
    • a strong sales imitative
  26. One of the most important tools in your career as a professional cosmetologist is__
    • Brush
    • comb
    • shears
    • cape
  27. Casted shears are the most expensive shear compare to the forged one.
    • True
    • False
  28. Cast shears will last significant longer.____
    • True
    • False
  29. Centering your weight is when you stand on both feet.
    • True
    • False
  30. Work in front of your section means_______
    • good posture will help you do better work
    • maintain control over your work
    • sit or stand directly in front of what you are doing
    • move the client chair to allow you to view your work in the mirror
  31. Safety in Haircutting means_controll of your tools, do not cut yourself or client and check if they have enough money to pay
    • True
    • False
  32. A(n) _____ is a basic haircut, cut at a 90-degree elevation and then overdirected to maintain length and weight at the perimeter. Select one:
    • long-layered cut
    • blunt cut
    • graduated cut
    • angled cut
  33. A blunt cut is also known as
    • all of the choices
    • bob
    • pageboy
    • bowl
  34. Curly hair can be a challenge to cut because_________
    • curly behaves different after drying
    • It can appear stacked even though it was cut blunt.
    • all of the choices
    • it can be wavy or extremely curly
    • it can be fine, med. or course
  35. A caesar cut in men is much like the ____cut
    • a pixi cut
    • a blunt cut
    • a basic cut
    • A increased layered cut
  36. Where is the apex of the head?________________________________________
    • side
    • frontal
    • back
    • center top
  37. With a razor cut the guide is _______the fingers.
    • below
    • inside
    • between
    • above
  38. The best way to become comfortable with razor cutting is to________.
    • all of the choices
    • practice, practice, practice…
    • cut at a 45% angle
    • make some mistakes
    • take more clients
  39. Scissor over comb is a barbering technique that has crossed over into cosmetology.
    • True
    • False
  40. Slide cutting technique is by sliding down the hair with the blades of the scissors partially open. It's meant to remove volume and blend shorter lengths to longer. This method is done when the hair is dry.
    • True
    • False
  41. When do you need to visualize the line before you cut._____________________
    • always
    • when do the bob cut
    • when cutting layers
    • when cut the bang
  42. ______is the process of removing excess bulk without shortening the hair.
    • scissor over comb
    • blunt cutting
    • a-line cutting
    • textruizing
  43. Carving, slicing, slithering, notching, and point cutting are all a form of texturizing.
    • True
    • False
  44. A cutting position where both palms are facing each other is___________
    • scissor over comb
    • free-hand slicing
    • palm-to-palm
    • cross-checking
  45. A trimmer is used to_______
    • thinning
    • clean necklines and around ears
    • trim bangs
    • women’s haircuts
  46. Thinning shears are used to_________
    • remove bulk from the ends
    • turn a basic cut into a fashion statement
    • all of the choices
    • remove weight from the haircut
  47. A long layered cut is cut at __% angle, the result is shorter layers on top and increasing long layers towards the perimeter.
    • 90%
    • 180%
    • 45%
    • 60%
  48. No matter how great the cut or color, a client will often judge the work by the finished style.
    • True
    • False
  49. Clients rely on __________
    • you to discuss the styling aids/products with them
    • you to be a problem solver.
    • you to help them chose the best style for them
    • all of the choices
    • you to teach them how to style their hair
  50. Rollers, clippes, brush, comb, clamps, and pins are tools for______.
    • portfolio hairstyles
    • finger waves
    • wet hairstyling
    • special occasion
  51. Shaping and directing the hair into a s pattern is_____
    • roller set
    • finger waving
    • all of the choices
    • blow dry/style
  52. A gel that makes the hair pliable enough to keep in place during the finger waving is______.
    • mousse
    • setting gel
    • waving lotion
    • pomade
  53. The parts of a curl are____________.
    • base, stem, and circle
    • ridge, circle, and space
    • stem, root, and space
    • base ,part, and tang
  54. Ribboning is________
    • adding volume to the hair, to make a pin curl
    • all of the choices
    • pulling the strand while applying pressure between your thumb and index finger
    • stretching and pulling the hair to make a curl
    • forcing the strand between the thumb and back of comb to create tension to make a pin curl
  55. Cascade pin curls and stand-up pin curls add volume and height to the hair style.
    • all of the choices
    • they will eliminate splits or breaks
    • they allow greater mobility
    • the circle determines the width and strength of the wave
    • they are clipped to the head at the base
  56. Roller sets_________
    • require a setting lotion in most cases
    • are fast and easy
    • all of the choices
    • must set under a hot dryer
    • give a stronger longer lasting set
  57. Roller placement includes___________
    • holding the strand of hair 45% down from the base creating a off base curl
    • all of the choices
    • on base curls where the roller sits directly on its base
    • the larger the roller the greater the volume
    • half base , for medium volume
  58. Hot rollers and Velcro rollers_____
    • are used on dry hair
    • are a wet set
    • all of the choices
    • are always legal
  59. Backcombing is also referred to as teasing the hair.
    • True
    • False
  60. Thermal irons and the stove provide even heat and give the stylist complete control.
    • True
    • False
  61. Flat Irons, because of modern technology _________
    • have a variety of styles, are available in most stores, and come with guarantees
    • are less expensive, are fashionable, and offer sales income
    • have ergonomic grips, are light weight, and have constant heat control
    • make the stylist look good, will prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, and are fast